One of the most important decisions to make when building a pool or patio, is deciding the type of material to use. There is concrete, tile, wood, stone, brick and more. Of all these options concrete gives you the most flexibility design wise in terms of pattern, color, and texture. It is not only the most versatile but also the most affordable and low maintenance. Check out some of the pool decks and patios we do below.

Pool Decks

When you are building pool decks, keep in mind that they have special requirements when compared to a typical patio. The materials surrounding pools and pool decks need to be able to resist constant water exposure and the harsh chemicals that come with pool water like chlorine. You also need to consider who will be walking around on the pool deck. This means getting a material that needs to be easy on bare feet, slip resistant, and splinter proof. Concrete is the best option for pool decks because it can withstand constant water exposure, is splinter and slip proof as well as easy on bare feet. It is also the most affordable and can be designed to your unique personality. Concrete can be designed to look like any material you want it to. We can make your pool deck blend in with your home's exterior or landscape, or make it a stand-out, eye-catching piece in your backyard.

The stamped concrete Virginia Beach has is a unique option with so many versatile designs that can be made to fit your dream. We can make it look like brick, tile, wood, you name it. Any design you are dreaming of can be made a reality with our stamped concrete.

Another option you have with us is colored concrete.This goes hand in hand with our stamped concrete. We can make it any color you want.

Concrete stencils can be another great alternative to decorative stamping while still allowing design flexibility. Our stencil patterns range from tile to slate and from brick to stone.

We can also do a rock-salt finish concrete which is low cost and very slip resistant. Other options include exposed aggregate which gives the concrete a pebble feel which is well suited for pool decks, and concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are durable and slip resistant making it another great option for pool decks. Call us today so we can help create a design that compliments your pool shape and style while still being unique to you.

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Concrete patios are a great way to add more living space without adding more to your home. Patios allow for you to enjoy the outdoors, entertain guests and make memories. Concrete patios Virginia Beach are all the rage right now, but are also timeless. Many people are expanding their patios to create show stopping backyards to host many parties and get-togethers. Utilizing this versatile material allows for easy maintenance and durability. It is also surprisingly eco-friendly and leaves a very small environmental footprint. With concrete patio contractors Virginia Beach you are able do any design you want. Whether that's curving the edges, using stamped concrete, wrap it around your house or more. We at Concrete Contractors Virginia Beach Pros know all about concrete and the amazing benefits and beauty it adds to your home. Book now to get that perfect outdoor entertainment area added to your home.